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Daniel MerchantI am a psychotherapist in private practice in New York City, where for the last 25 years I have worked with individuals and couples from many different backgrounds. What has interested me most and the questions that I have continuously asked myself is how do people heal and how do they fulfill their potential. I have asked these questions for myself and for those who come to see me. The three sources where I have sought answers are western psychological insights, Buddhist wisdom, and the healing traditions and practices of other cultures.

Sigmund FreudI have trained extensively in western psychological theories and psychotherapeutic approaches. From this I have learned how as children we learned to see ourselves and the world through the eyes of our childhood caretakers. For many of us, this was a wounding experience to our young selves. As adults these wounds and the ineffectual behaviors we learned with them are obstacles to living life fully.


I have been a student of Buddhism and a meditation practioner for 30 years. In Buddhism I have found a profound psychology and wisdom as to how the mind works. From this I have learned that it is possible to tame the mind of obsessive worry, conflict, and anxiety, and find the place of calmness within.


I have traveled in India, Nepal, Indonesia, South America, and on Native American Reservations to learn and experience the healing practices and traditions of these cultures as practiced by native healers. From these I have learned how one can live life in harmony connected to community, earth and spirit.

In my 25 years as a therapist, I have integrated and continue to integrate what I have learned from these three sources. They have provided profound healing and growth for my own life and for the lives of many of my clients.

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