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Buddhism and Psychotherapy:
Study and Supervision Group

In this group selected writings from Buddhism are chosen for their relevance to psychotherapy and treatment. Along with Western psychological concepts of transference, superego, self-representation, and object relations, fundamental Buddhist concepts such as compassion, true nature, emptiness, no self, interdependence, and the conditions of cause and effect are explored as they apply to clients and their difficulties.

After the discussion of written material within the group, each member has the opportunity to present a client and to explore Buddhist and Western psychological concepts as they relate to their client’s current problems. As the group focuses its attention on the need of the individual client, it also creates an opportunity to integrate these two profound systems of Understanding of the mind.

Requirements for membership in this group are that the individual be familiar with the basic concepts of Buddhism and that they are in practice as a psychotherapist with a sound, basic understanding of the concepts of psychotherapy.

(This group meets on the second and fourth Monday of the month for one and an a half hours, from twelve to one-thirty.)

For more information or to register for the group, please call (212) 988-5034 or send an email to: