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The Healer Within

Imagination is the fundamental function of the mind. In each moment we create our reality through images. Through imagination we envision the future and remember the past.

Tribal people and traditional healers in various cultures call what we in the modern world refer to as imagination, the other world, the place where our soul travels each night, the dream world. It is this other world that they know to be the source of our deepest healing and transformation. Vision Quest, Shamanic Journey, Intensive Meditation, and, Ritual Dance are some of the means by which it is possible to enter this imaginal reality.

In this workshop we will use three doorways to enter this timeless realm of imagination where the soul travels – The realm of guardians, animals, gods, goddesses,ancestors, and the other figures that live within us.


Ritual Dance is a unique way to move that involves breath work, percussive rhythms, intention, prayer and meditation which enables us to move into imaginal reality, the other world.


Mask Work is using a mask to help us go inside, find and embody the spirit and character of the “others” who live within our imagination, our allies and shadows.


Mandala Drawing and Journaling are means to engaging more deeply the images we encounter within, and integrating those parts of ourselves that are new or that were lost to us in the past and now returned.

(The workshop begins on Friday at three PM and ends on Sunday at one PM . If you are interested, please e-mail:


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