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Imago Relationship Therapy

When a couple arrives for the first time in my office for therapy, they are usually experiencing distress in their relationship. They have been desperately trying to get the other to give them what they need or to change in some significant way. Each or one of you may have become fixed in his or her beliefs and behavior toward the other. In Imago Therapy we describe this situation as being in the power struggle. The partner who you looked to for support, love and affirmation has become a source of pain. This situation with its anger, disappointment, resentment, and sadness is quite painful. Yet, as a couple you still have hope that the relationship can change, be better.

"At the heart of relationship is intimacy, the ability to speak one’s deepest truth to one’s partner".

As a couple’s therapist I want to hear how each one of you experiences what is happening in your relationship from your point of view. Most important, I want to open up communication between you. At the heart of relationship is intimacy, the ability to speak one’s deepest truth to one’s partner. A couple often needs to learn relationship skills that they have never had the opportunity to learn. The most important skill, out of many, in Imago Couple Therapy is what is called the intentional dialogue. This dialogue method is designed to make each one of you feel safe to express yourself to the other and to begin to gain a new depth and empathic understanding of your partner.

As each person begins to open up to communication a new depth of intimacy begins and new possibilities emerge in the relationship. Often qualities that were so wonderful at the beginning of the relationship will be rediscovered and new qualities found. The couple finds new ways of relating to each other that gratify needs and heal old wounds from childhood. Each partner sees the other as a means to their personal growth, and is committed to supporting the other’s growth. The relationship becomes a conscious relationship based on awareness, clarity and communication.

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