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Individual Psychotherapy

When a person seeks psychotherapy, they are usually experiencing emotional difficultly of some kind. It maybe a problem that has existed for quite sometime or it may be a recent development in their life that is causing them distress. At our first meeting we begin to create an atmosphere in which you can feel safe and understood, a space where you can be exactly who you are. You and I will begin to explore the area of your life that is causing you pain. Then, based upon my experience and knowledge of psychotherapy and healing approaches, we will find the approach that will be most helpful to you. As therapy proceeds, we will identify and begin to resolve old patterns of behavior, beliefs, emotions, and relationship that are preventing you from living your life fully and actualizing your potentials. As you become aware of the old patterns, you begin to have the power of choice, which allows you to chose more effective and gratifying ways of engaging your life.

"Therapy is not only about what is wrong with you; therapy is also about what is right with you."

A person does not want to be defined as just their problems. Unfortunately, by the time we arrive at a therapist office, we are often defining ourselves only by what we see as wrong with us. Therapy is not only about what is wrong with you; therapy is also about what is right with you. What we most need then is help in remembering what is right about us. We need to include all that you are to be able to see accurately who you are.

Importantly, therapy is about discovering the inborn potentials and healing wisdom you have within your core self, your wholeness. In therapy you will develop the ability to stay in the present moment and to allow your usual mind chatter to subside. In this chatter free spaciousness, new insight and vision can emerge. This wisdom is contained in the essence of each one of us and is available to help you find your way through life and to fulfill a destiny that is uniquely yours.

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