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Ritual Dance Workshop

Have you ever found yourself relaxed while driving along the highway in your car lost in a song being played on the radio, finding yourself transported into another place and time in your imagination? Have you ever found yourself on the dance floor at a disco, experiencing yourself being lifted out of your body by the music, your body seemingly dancing on its own with out any help from you? In both situations you were in an alternate state of consciousness; you were experiencing trance.

danceRitual dance has been used and developed by many cultures throughout time as a means to enter this very state of mind. It has been used to awaken the spirit and to deepen one’s connection to sources of power and transformation.

Carried by the percussive rhythms of the music and deep breathing, we are transported by our dance into the world of our imagination. This journey is the means to meet and know parts of ourselves that we did not know before and to welcome back parts of ourselves that we may have lost along the way.

danceRitual dance is a unique form of movement. Many who come to this workshop experience it as a meditation and sometimes a prayer. In the workshop you will learn the basics for doing the dance and how to engage the images of your imagination so you can draw upon the wisdom that these images have for you and your life.

(The workshop is a one-day workshop given four times a year. Future workshop dates are currently being planned. Please watch for posting.

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